Auto Transporters Alliance

Our mission is to bring together auto transporters to share experience, expertise and best practices along with the ability to enjoy the benefits of group purchasing power.


A: The Independent Auto Transporters Alliance (IATA) is a group formed by several industry professionals ranging from drivers & managers to owners looking to help auto transporters from companies of all types and sizes have access to other industry professionals to get help in many different aspects of the business.  Whether it be loading a truck, getting suggestions on products to use (good or bad) advice on just about anything auto transport related, IATA has it all in one easy to access location.


A: As every person in our industry will surely agree, automobile transportation is a fragmented and splintered industry at best.  IATA is an attempt to strengthen and solidify our industry, by banding together to qualify for group purchasing power, learn from each other’s professionalism, best practices and help to educate one another by networking. If everyone works together we have strength in numbers to help make our industry strong and successful.


A: IATA is just starting out, but with increased interaction between members, the possibilities are endless.  Assisting with networking, sharing best practices, sharing loads, posting product evaluations and product discounts. Giving the small independent access to suppliers, industry professionals, consultants and leaders all in one spot.  With our members input, each of us is helping make IATA what we envisioned, an alliance of auto transporters, working together to make the industry stronger one independent at a time. We don’t have all the answers and would love to hear your input, join today.


These are just a sample of the some of the vendors offering discounts to our members:

Exclusive deal
Members Receive 20% off
Continential tires

Steer Tire
MSRP: $599.99/tire*
IATA Member Price: $477.24/tire* **

Drive Tire
MSRP: $499.99 /tire*
IATA Member Price: $383.33/tire* **

Trailer Tire
MSRP: $429.99/tire*
IATA member Price: $356.20/tire* **

Above listed MSRP tire prices do not include FET.
Member prices FET is included.

*all prices are in US dollars.
**We have negotiated this pricing at Continental Dealers nationwide.(excluding truck stops)

Exclusive Deal

Members Receive 22% off Verizon Wireless Services and More

  • 22% off monthly access fees for eligible members*
  • 35% discount on select accessories
  • Special promotions on equipment

Membership Verification

– Enter DOT Number in the search field to view membership status.

wdt_ID Member ID Company DOT number IATA Membership ID Membership Status
1 1 - - - -
2 108 Always Auto Transport 2191536 21915360000 Active
3 107 IGW Express Inc 1313666 13136660000 active
4 105 Country Club Hauling Inc. 1859308 18593080000 active
5 104 ETA Trans Inc 2931180 29311800000 active
6 102 RVCS.LLC 2814569 28145690000 active
7 101 NJN Industries LLC 3015152 30151520000 active
8 100 Anthony Bajdechi 2780496 27804960000 active
9 96 World Class Trucking Inc 2599974 25999740000 active
10 95 Q&M Motors 757025 7570250000 active