About IATA

After a year and a half long process of meeting with numerous industry professionals, these specific people were decided upon.  Each one for their own strengths and abilities to assist in helping move our industry forward to help resolve its problems & short comings.  With involvement ranging from drivers and management as well as owners, a comprehensive group was formed for the entire industry to draw knowledge and insight from.  Each of the founders of IATA has worked tirelessly to make their company successful and want to help make the entire industry better by sharing their experience and expertise with the other members.

Derick & Cindy Hopkins
Owners of Fine Line Transportation of Lititz, PA

Brian J. Riker
President and Chief Compliance Specialist

John & Jonathan Larick
Owners of Larick Towing of Rockway, NJ

Jason Foster
Transportation Manager/Driver

Ziggy & Michelle Keller
Owners of Autotech Repossessions Inc.
of Syracuse, NY

Mike Peplinski
Vice President, Harding Brooks Insurance Agency