About Us

Q: What is IATA?

 A: Independent Auto Transporters Alliance (IATA) is a group formed by several industry professionals ranging from drivers & managers to owners looking to help auto transporters from companies of all types and sizes have access to other industry professionals to get help in many different aspects of the business.  Whether it be loading a truck, getting suggestions on products to use (good or bad) advice on just about anything auto transport related, IATA has it all in one easy to access location.

Q: Who is IATA?

• Jason Foster Transportation Manager/Driver
• Derick & Cindy Hopkins Owners of Fine Line Transportation of Lititz, PA
• Ziggy & Michelle Keller Owners of Autotech Repossessions Inc. of Syracuse, NY 
• Laurel Kobe Vice President of Operations at Moore Transport
• John & Jonathan Larick Owners of Larick Towing of Rockaway, NJ
• Alfonso Lopez Driver at Fine Line Transportation
A: After a year and a half long process of meeting with numerous industry professionals, these specific people were decided upon.  Each one for their own strengths and abilities to assist in helping move our industry forward to help resolve its problems & short comings.  With involvement ranging from drivers and management as well as owners, a comprehensive group was formed for the entire industry to draw knowledge and insight from.  Each of the founders of IATA has worked tirelessly to make their company successful and want to help make the entire industry better by sharing their experience and expertise with the other members.

Q: Why IATA?

 A: As every person in our industry will surely agree, automobile transportation is a fragmented and splintered industry at best.  IATA is an attempt to strengthen and solidify our industry, by banding together to qualify for group purchasing power, learn from each other’s professionalism, best practices and help to educate one another by networking. If everyone works together we have strength in numbers to help make our industry strong and successful.

Q: Why $400?

A: Nothing in life is free.  Formation of a corporation including legal counsel, building, hosting and maintaining a website, traveling and time spent negotiating discounts and a simple fence to prevent unwanted nuisances from the group. We did not price it to financially benefit, we priced it to finance these things as well as future expenses which include a full-time person to run and manage membership and the website.  To finance travel and other expenses for meetings with insurance companies to potentially offer an alliance insurance policy at favorable rates for members.  Potentially financing lobbying in Washington, D.C. for needs specific to car haulers.  Who knows?  Maybe a Hero to work program to train soldiers returning home that need a skill to be able to provide a decent opportunity for them and their families.
According to our estimates a one truck company should be able to recover their investment and put no less than $1,000 back in their pockets annually by taking advantage of the current discounts not to mention others that are being negotiated as we speak.
To see a current sample list of our member's discount benefits please visit here.

Q: What Does IATA have to offer?

A: IATA is just starting out and with increased traffic and interaction between members, the possibilities are endless.  It has been set up to assist each other in networking, sharing best practices, sharing loads, posting product evaluations, product discounts and for the small independent to have access to suppliers, industry consultants and other industry professionals and leaders all in one spot.  With our members input, each of us is helping to make IATA what was envisioned, an alliance of auto transporters making the industry stronger, together, one independent at a time.

We don’t have all the answers and would love to hear your input.