Terms & Membership Conditions

As this is a professional site, there will be zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior.

  1. This includes posting of non-business photographs, meme’s, gifs or anything else not business proper. Companies will be held responsible for their driver’s actions on the website.
  2. Bullying will not be tolerated in any manner. Respect one another.
  3. As our discounts are based on participation and volume, we will get better discounts with higher membership. Sharing of member discounts with non-members will result in immediate termination from the alliance without refund or recourse.
  4. All applicants will be vetted through SAFER to be verified as auto transporters. If you are not registered as an auto transporter the membership committee will consider your application for discounts only, and you will may be granted limited access to the forums.
  5. Sharing of any posts, discussions, screen shots or anything else within the forums with non-members may result in termination from the forums.
  6. Any forum posts based on legal discussions should be backed up with local, state or federal statute to prevent argument.
  7. Sharing of sign on or passwords to non-members will be tracked via IP address and mac address to prevent multiple logins on one account by multiple people.
  8. To prevent issues from the federal authorities for price fixing, no discussions will be allowed regarding setting minimum rates. We welcome people discussing their opinions of rates and where they should be, but we will not endorse or support anything more than such.
  9. As we are a group of industry professionals from various states across the country and not an educational institution, we can share our best practices, but they should by no means be considered legal advice.
  10. With company signup, you will be allowed to add additional drivers. Your original email address will be used to verify drivers wishing to be added as members under your company.